5 Ways to Increase Your Leads from Social Media


Over the last ten years, social media has become one of the main sources of information for the vast majority of our population. And although this includes memes, viral videos, and sometimes just general tom-foolery, social media is a thriving medium for any brand. Here are five sure-fire ways to increase leads from your social media channels –

1. Share Content

I know, that seems like a given, right? Well think again. Many businesses throughout Facebook land only post once a week (if that). It is critically important to get in front of your audience as often as possible because Facebook isn’t going to show your content to them every time you post. Meaning that for every post you put on your business page, Facebook will show it to a tiny fraction of the users actually following you. The more you post, the more people will see and engage with your content. Hot tip: At the moment, interactive content is the way to go, with an average of a 65% increase in engagements from static content to video/photo content.

2. Use Hashtags

Again, it seems like a no brainer, the thing about hashtags is that you need to be using the right ones, not just any old hashtag will do. Take a peek at trending hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and figure out what variations of those (that apply to your business) can be used in your posts. The hashtags are essential for helping searches from the millions of users on each social platform.

3. Create Content for Each Social Channel

In the past, it was said that if you hooked up your Instagram to your Facebook and your Facebook to your Twitter, you’d have all your bases covered. The thing about that is, in theory you have a different audience on each, a different audience that needs to be spoken to an interacted with differently. Creating similar but distinctly direct content for each of your social channels will help with engagements. Take a deep look into your analytics on each social platform, check out your daily audiences, who they are, and the demographics associated with them, and then tailor your content to that. This doesn’t need to be a reinvention of the wheel – but sharing the same content with channel specific messaging will help to boost engagements across the board. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t ever cross-post… Cross posting can be a life saver, so make sure you keep that in your back pocket for when it’s needed.

4. Share User-Generated Content

The people who post on your business page with happy images and ecstatic mentions are the ones you should be featuring whenever possible. They’ll be more excited about you, and you’ll share their excitement with the world. By featuring your core audience’s chatter, you’ll be able to expand your reach even farther to their network of friends.

5. Use Each Platforms Individual Targeting Tools

In the past you could only create specific audiences for your Facebook ads, now they’ve made it easier to target exactly who you want to with every organic post by creating a preferred audience and audience restrictions. Now you have the ability to weed out people who are not in your target demographics or not interested in the things you work on/with. As stated before, make sure you take a look through your analytics of each account to really target exactly the users that are converting/engaging/sharing your content. Without checking in to that first, you may be targeting the wrong users for your establishment.