Brew Dogs

How animals will help lift your spirits & your sales.

Here at reCreative, we are the definition of crazy dog people. Each of us have a couple furry friends of our own (you know, one or two or seven….) And if we could take them every where – you bet your ass we would.
Over the craft beer boom we’ve noticed that a growing number of brewers and distillers have their own dogs wandering around the tasting room, and I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want a furry friend to enjoy a drink with them? On our trip to Maine we saw dogs at half of the breweries we visited. (Including the fur baby in the photo above, taken at Tributary Brewing in Kittery) But does a dog being present help the brewery? Our personal and professional opinions are the same – Hell yes.
Not only is it therapeutic to have animals around, to pet them and play with them, but its also a conversation starter, a reason (for dog people) to stay longer, and an opportunity for events.

Take Metazoa Brewing in Indiana as an example, the actual slogan on their website is “Drink Beer. Help Animals.” What an awesome slogan and kickass mission statement. Who wouldn’t want to grab a beer there? (I guess non-dog people, but do those really exist?) 5% of all their profits go to animal and wildlife organizations. Back in May of 2016, Metazoa had a Pints for Paws event with a local pet adoption agency and invited their local residents to come by with their own dogs for a pint and puppy kisses. A great way to get people in the door? Let them bring their furry friends.The same was true for local brewery Shebeen Brewing in Wolcott, CT. In recent years they’ve also done puppy adoption events complete with kissing booths so you can sample their beers, get kissed by some pups, and maybe even take home a new furry friend of your own.

So whats the moral of this story? People love their dogs more than they love other people – let them bring their companions with them to the brewery and you’re guaranteed to have a packed house that comes back for more. (Bonus if you donate to animal shelters or have adoption events right in the tap room!)