Call Tracking – Is It Right For You?

What is call tracking? The short answer – its an easy way to track all the phone calls to your website from different sources. So why is it important? It helps you to really see the value in each marketing initiative you have running at any given time.

Calls to businesses within the US from their online tactics have grown more than 100% in the last four years. With so many consumers choosing to call businesses instead of filling out forms online or inquiring elsewhere, its imperative that companies track and report on calls.

Being able to report on digital conversions [forms] (through Google Analytics and other tools) is fantastic, but it leaves a lot to be desired. You’re missing out on more than half the leads coming in without being able to see the full picture of calls, messages, and form fills. Even Google has gotten in on the action, making it possible to track calls directly in AdWords with call extensions and call only ads.

Here are reCreative, we use CallRail for all of our clients. This enables us to really see the value in what we’re doing and show our clients exactly where their money is going. Take our client, New England Dental Center for example, they were originally skeptical of adding any code to their website and tracking their calls, previously attributing about 5% of their calls from Google adWords and Facebook ads combined (based on their front desk asking “How did you hear about us?”, after installing CallRail, we’ve seen that more than 50% of all calls are from Google Adwords and 24% of new patients can be directly attributed to our Adwords effort. With their small AdWords budget of $200/month, thats an ENORMOUS return on ad spend.

Not only did it help to show the value that was being created with these tactics, it also helped to remove needless spending on other initiatives that were underperforming and using money without directly affecting their ROI.