Content is King

Over the past ten years the digital marketing landscape has changed so much, its hard to believe the days of just adding keywords to your titles and descriptions are over but unfortunately its true. The last few years have seen an increase of competition with search engine rankings and this is largely based on the adoption of big business creating strategy around content.

Here at reCreative, we’ve seen the addition of a curated, strategically created blog, drive more than 33% additional traffic for one client month over month. Here are our four biggest reasons for focusing on content marketing:


Content is king, especially in the realm of search engine optimization. Not only will a strong content strategy engage users and drive conversions but it’s going to increase your search engine visibility ten-fold. Applying an SEO strategy in tandem with your content marketing strategy will help you rank higher for the keywords that you’ve determined are your biggest converters, it will increase your visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, and it will also increase your shareability thus increasing your page rank. (See #4)

Ease of Personalization

Take Coke for instance, they created a HUGE content marketing campaign to share a Coke with a friend, each bottle came personalized with a different name on it, encouraging users to purchase that bottle and share it with their friend of the same name. Not only is this an awesome marketing idea overall, but it really encourages people who might never have purchased a coke to reach out and buy one for their friends.

Now this isn’t something that can be easily done on a blog, but if you’re using (and you should be) email marketing & automation, this is easily attainable and will increase opens (if you use it within your subject lines) and increase conversions through email marketing with personalization within the emails themselves.

Think about it – Wouldn’t you rather fill out your info on a form if you were spoken to personally within the email itself?

It Costs Less

Traditional marketing can cost anywhere from $100-$500 cost per lead, and of course that has a lot to do with the industry and tactic you’re working in but that seems like an awful lot to get a few peoples email addresses. If you write your own content, all it costs is your time, if you prefer to have someone else write it, you can typically find an awesome content creator for between $0.05 per word and $0.15 per word. That means a 500 word blog post would cost between $25-$50 and the return on investment is HUGE. Not only from a direct to content perspective but through all the other channels that increase because of your content marketing strategy.

Compliments Other Marketing Efforts

As stated before, content really helps shape all of your other marketing efforts. Not only will it increase your SEO but you can use that content to create landing pages for your paid campaigns, use them for lead generation tools both in gated content and through your email marketing, and use it as awesome engaging content on your social media accounts. Content marketing really drives home the notion of shareable, viral, content curated specifically for your target market.