Eliminating the 9 Liter Limit

As legislation near and dear to our beer-loving hearts, Bill 5036 will have a public hearing this Tuesday, March 6th 2018 in Hartford. This bill would end the 9 Liter Limit of purchase from a brewery in Connecticut.

Why, you ask, does this matter? Well for one – the majority of our clients and friends are brewers in the state and if they don’t use a distributor, their sales are significantly capped, where any person can walk into a package store and purchase as many liters of beer as they’d like. The bill would help the brewery industry grow through out Connecticut and would help to increase sales through supply and demand instead of through a state imposed number that isn’t relevant to the sale of beer across the board.

Help us make this bill a reality by joining the General Law Committee on March 6th at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford or by reaching out to the following email address with your concerns: gltestimony@cga.ct.gov

Read more about the bill here.

RSVP for the hearing here.