End The Year Right – Top 5 Things To Consider

Over the past few years, the way businesses have been able to market themselves has changed drastically. From the millennial provoked boost in social media’s advertising capability to the current surge of artificial intelligence, the world of marketing is changing. Having an understanding of the best marketing tactics of 2018 can help your business get a head start on the competition and help your brand grow in the future.

1. Using Account-Based Content Marketing

The idea of content marketing isn’t exactly ‘revolutionary’ in terms of new marketing tactics, but the use of account-based marketing is something businesses are not utilizing to its full potential. We’ve all received the automated, “personalized” email from a business trying to win us over by getting us to believe this message is tailored for us and our needs. The cookie-cutter formatting and the depth of personalization going no further then your name being printed in the opening line is not what customers/clients are looking for nowadays. That is why ABCM is the perfect method for building lasting relationships with clientele. ABCM takes the traditional marketing method of attracting people to your website, then sending out automated emails to identify targets and flips it on its head for a much more efficient approach. By identifying potential targets from the start, you can create genuine, personalized campaigns for them which will then help build bonds that can then lead to more business. Establishing a better quality of accounts instead of quantity means you can ensure a greater return on your marketing investments by creating a loyal client base.

2. Live Stream Content

Live video streaming brings a whole new dimension to posting video content to your business’ social media page. With platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, and Instagram offering live stream, you can record footage from events and post it in real time so people who were not able to make it can experience the scene as well as being trafficked towards the content you wish for them to see. Such as client related matters, self promotion for your business, and images that will incentivize people watching to go to the next event/check out your business. This feature goes beyond sharing from events because it can also take the place of regular blog posts. Live video blogs or “vlogs” is rapidly taking over with studies suggesting that around 80% of people say they prefer the live videos businesses post as opposed to standard blogs uploads because it gives businesses the opportunity to directly interact with their audience. Using live stream is a sure fire way to get people interested in your businesses content and get live feedback to grow your brand.

3. Influencer Marketing

It’s no secret that people who amass a large following can generate a certain amount of influence over people. Celebrities swear by a product that’s endorsing them and then all of a sudden, so are their followers. So why aren’t you emailing Beyonce right now and asking her to endorse your brand? Because celebrities at that level charge thousands upon thousands of dollars per post to advertise a product. Which means that unless you have that kind of money to spend on a single piece of advertising, you should probably look at little more local. There are plenty of people in your area that have 2k-100k followers who charge far less per post. Getting the local Instagram fitness star in your area to take pictures with your brand/product and a caption saying how amazing it is is an ideal way to generate business for your company (especially locally run ones).

4. Marketing to the Next Generation

Millennials, Generation Z, whatever you want to call them, they are the fastest growing market that you need to be advertising towards. As they begin to graduate college and obtain jobs, their overall buying habits are beginning to transition which means businesses need to start adjusting the way they market themselves in order to target this new generation of buyers. Start putting research into their lifestyle, their interests, social media activity and what kind of content they view online. You don’t want to be playing catch-up when this generation comes to the forefront of the economy because with the rapid changes that are happening to the world around us on a daily basis, it is safe to say their style of living and shopping habits will be vastly different than ever before. Get on top of the new trends so you can be ahead of the marketing curve!

5. Test the Taboo

As excessive political-correctness becomes source of more and more frustration for people on the internet, businesses are starting to venture into the more taboo world of advertising. Obviously, it’s important to not cross any boundaries or come off as offensive, but a little shock-factor is great way to grab peoples attention and can leave an impression on your audience. An example of this is companies such as Netflix and Pizza Hut popping up on Tinder feeds advertising themselves as “date night essentials”. It’s a humorous promotion which makes the brands more likable as well as creating a sense of relatability. All that being said, try and keep in mind what message you want your brand to portray and the demographic you are trying to target. If your business sells medical products and your target population is people ranging from 40-75 years of age then perhaps this approach isn’t the best for you. However, if you are trying to target a younger audience then this is perfect way to give your brand a little personality.