Facebook’s New Business Page Layouts

On August 6, Facebook announced they were changing the layout and a few of of the features on their business pages. The changes apply to the mobile version of the app and will make businesses pages more user friendly and simplistic. With additions such as users being able to schedule appointments with businesses simply by going to their page and clicking “book appointment”, it’s likely that this new redesign will benefit both customers and businesses. The changes will vary depending on the category of page your business falls under. Changes will effect restaurants, local business/services, and television shows to being with but Facebook intends to apply new features to new categories of businesses in the near future.

Along with those feature updates, Facebook is also revamping the recommendations category on their website. These recommendations will take the place of traditional reviews. Originally, recommendations was just a way to see what places your friends enjoyed but Facebook wants to expand this feature to benefit local businesses. Now, when users write recommendations they will be asked to meet a certain character count and will have the option to add a pictures. That expanded recommendation will serve as a review on that businesses page and will allow more positive reviews to feature.

The final set of updates Facebook is look to bring in is another example of how this feature is being tailored to benefit local businesses. Borrowed from Facebook’s own local companion app, the new “Local” section features bookmarked locations for people to check out in their area. The bookmarks will consist of information on the establishment and reviews from users.

All in all, businesses (especially local ones) should be looking forward to the new features coming to Facebook Business. This is a great example of how social media companies are incorporating more features that enable their platform to be beneficial for businesses and their users as a whole. By making it easier for people to become exposed to your brand and giving them a more direct way of viewing your businesses information and booking appointments, Facebook is advertising your company for you to the people in your area.