Search Engine Optimization – Busting the Myths

Our websites are only as good as the amount of people who can actually find them. Knowing if you’re ranking highly for keywords that people in your market area are actually looking for is the key to producing higher volumes of traffic to your site. There are thousands [maybe even millions] of articles floating around the web about how to optimize your SEO and  and we’ve compiled the top three questions we receive about SEO to help you navigate your way to search engine success.

Q: Does Social Media Affect My SEO?

A: Yes! Let’s try a quick experiment – Go to, type in your brand name and click search. What are the top five searches that come up? If you have a Facebook, it’s likely that that will rank in one of the highest search engine results slots on the page. If people are talking about your company through social channels, these conversations will show up in search results – thus affecting your overall SEO.

Q: Is SEO one and done?

A: Absolutely not! SEO is an ever-changing process. In order to keep ranking highly for the most relevant keywords, you need to constantly be doing research on terms, creating new content, and updating your website tags and behind the scenes data. Without updating any of this, your website will lose ranks and fall down the SERPs.

Q: Can I purchase links to increase my SEO?

A: You can do whatever you want – but you should know that only relevant backlinks are going to help your search engine optimization. Purchasing a package from a link farm or putting yourself on a million directories could even hurt your rankings. If your backlinks are from quality sites [in the eyes of Google] then your page rank could increase, but if the sites are seen as spammy then your site could also be seen that way. I would consider your inbound and outbound links very carefully before signing up for anything too extreme.