Increase Tasting Room Sales in 5 Steps

Can’t figure out how to convert your tasters into lifetime bottle buyers? Here are 5 easy tips to get them coming back for more.

Boosting sales during a wine tasting is difficult if you don’t have the staff or the inventory, there should always be someone giving the tasting (preferably someone who is well versed with wine, that can make the wine that’s being served feel like a $100 bottle.) and someone there to offer palette cleansers and make banter between pours. People come to vineyards and wineries to have an experience, they always have the intent to purchase wine, the trick is to get them to purchase wine by the bottle after the tasting is done.

1. Make sure you create a tasting experience that your consumers can take home with them. An unbeatable experience that they’ll want to capture and drink later. Offer them a complimentary slice or two of your freshest cheese with their tastings, or give parties of 5+ people a discount on bottles if they intend to stay and enjoy themselves after the tasting.

2. Make sure to have bottles of the wine you are serving at and behind the register so that upon checkout, they can be offered again by your cashier. We often find that cashiers need to go searching in the back for a bottle or ask someone else to grab it for them. Having it readily accessible in both chilled and room temperature form will make it an easier transition from tasting to checkout.

3. Create a wine club. As avid vineyard goers ourselves, having a club of sorts that gives you perks when you come for X tastings would be a quick way to get people to come back for more. Offer a private vineyard tour with wine samples once they’ve hit 10 tastings, or offer a discounted rate for a case. They already love your wine, why not increase the chances of them purchasing a lot. You could also give them a free bottle after a certain number of visits if you so choose.

4. Offer free cheese or chocolate sampler platters with every purchase of a bottle for people who intend to enjoy at the vineyard or winery. Just enough that they’ll want to purchase more snacks and wine to compliment it. They’ll be more apt to stay longer and enjoy more wine if they’ve got something delicious to go along with it. Make sure that the person offering them these samples knows how to pair their wine with cheese or chocolate – if they don’t compliment each other, chances are your customers won’t purchase more.

5. This is going to sound like a no brainer – but AMAZING customer service is the way to your prospects hearts and wallets. There is something to be said about a great experience from start to finish that trumps everything else on this list.

Once you’ve mastered these five tips, you’re sure to increase your tasting room sales and provide a ‘word of mouth’ worthy experience that your customers will take with them to their next gathering, train ride, or water cooler chat.