Instagram Stories Ads – How Will They Help Your Business?

Like Snapchat Stories ads, Instagram has recently moved into the interactive video ads realm. Making it super easy for you to create content on the fly and then promote that incredibly engaging, interest driven content. So why should you consider Instagram Stories Ads? Simple – if your target market is overwhelmingly using Instagram to connect with you and other businesses like you, it’s an easy ‘in’ to their lives.

Instagram Stories Ads run within the current list of stories you have available to watch on your own feed. This means that right when your potential client is taking a peek through other stories, your ad will pop up and seamlessly integrate itself into what they were already doing. Something that is not an easy feat in ANY type of marketing. Think about the most seamless advertising you’ve ever seen, ads that pop in and out of your life without really being noticed but that leave an impact, I bet you can’t. The closest thing to seamless marketing would be subliminal messaging, and unless you’re part of Josie and The Pussycats, you probably haven’t been effected by subliminal messaging very often over the course of your life.

Now, we’re not telling you to hop in there and start creating ads left and right – We’d suggest creating an engaging overall Instagram story so your followers start to check out your videos on the regular. Once you’ve got a bit of a following there, test some ads and see how they do!