Is Snapchat Marketing Right For You?

In many cases, we’d say no. How many times have you been watching your friends snap stories and are all of a sudden interrupted by an ad? All too often.

That’s not to say that using Snapchat in others wouldn’t help your business – here are some ways to utilize Snapchat for your business –

Snap Filters

Snapchat recently came out with the option to create both snap filters and lenses within the app itself and through their web platform. This is an awesome way to get people to interact with your company in the area, especially if you’re having an event. Create you snap filter/lens, make sure you let people know when it will be available, and drive people to use it with awesome incentives or share it on other social media platforms with your own hashtag #snapfiltersareawesome #recreativesnaps2018

Influencer Marketing

Snapchat enables hundreds of thousands of people to follow whoever they wish – by finding a local celebrity or influencer who tags themselves at your place of business or with your products will help get your name out, not only to the influencer, but to all of their followers. Make sure the people you choose really align with your company and its ideals before moving forward with this, but honestly influencer marketing can be a hugely powerful tool that most people aren’t utilizing to its full potential (if at all).