Mobile Marketing for Your Winery


How many of you, who own, manage, or work at a vineyard, use your smart phone [iPhone… let’s be honest] more than thirty times a day? Probably every single one of you. You make calls, read texts, sync it with your smart watches, play music on it, use apps, pay your bills or pay for the $6 latte you just bought at Starbucks.

Chances are, while you’re running the tasting room, every customer around you is taking photos, texting, calling, and checking in on their smart phones. So why aren’t you using that to your advantage?

We live in a world that is rapidly changing to focus on the mobility of everything. So why isn’t your vineyard doing the same? By offering responsive web design, you’ll increase your visits and usability ten-fold, but by incorporating an overall mobile strategy you’ll get your name out, drive sales, and increase foot traffic direct to your door.