reCreative On The Road (Part 1)

It’s been ten days since we returned from our whirlwind adventure through twenty-one breweries, distilleries, and wineries throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Ten days since we’ve tasted more than twelve beers per day. Ten days since we’ve even been inside of a brewery, and man, does it feel like forever ago.
Two weeks ago, reCreative packed up our tastebuds and took a trip up to Maine. We stayed in southern Maine near Kittery (and yes… we did take advantage of all that deeply discounted outlet shopping) and took advantage of how close both Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME were.
We took the opportunity to explore different breweries in the area and taste the types of craft beer available in the upper Northeast. With 64 breweries in Maine and counting, we wanted to hit as many in a 20 mile radius as we could. We managed to hit 21 breweries, distilleries, and wineries (and yes – we were pretty much buzzed at all times). From brand name breweries like Allagash to little known gems like Liars Bench and SoMe Brewing in York, we tried to hit them all.

We started our adventure at Wiggly Bridge Distillery in York, ME. Since it was a Monday, we were really the only people there. It was an amazing experience to learn about the distilling process, taste 100 proof whiskey, and take a mini tour of the facility.

Thank you to the brewers, distillers, and vintners that we had the pleasure of meeting:
Wiggly Bridge Distillery, Blue Current Brewing, Woodland Farms Brewing, Tributary Brewing, SoMe Brewing, Stoneface Brewing, Honey Maker Mead, Hardshore Distilling, Sebago Brewing, Sweetgrass Winery, Liars Bench Brewing, Great Rhythm Brewing, Earth Eagle Brewing, Portsmouth Brewery, Smuttynose Brewery, Shipyard, Allagash, Geary’s Brewing, Bissell Brothers, Foundation Brewing, Austin Street Brewing