SEO For Artists

Here at re:Creative, we work with all types of artists. From dancers, photographers, tattoo artists, filmmakers, and tons of others. We all started out as artists ourselves so it’s something we’re extremely passionate about. Through a little self-discovery and the phase of business before we actually became a business, we realized that artists are great at creating beautiful things but could use help being found online.

You start out creating art, in any form you love, and slap your name on it. Great – what’s next? Well… you want people to find you and purchase your products, right? So the first step is to rank on search engines for relevant terms. But how do you know what terms are relevant to the general population and what terms are relevant just to you? Well you probably don’t. This process takes a lot of research and the ability to know how much search volume and given term has.

That’s what we’re here for. We are experts are search engine marketing, we know how people are searching for people like you, and where they’re doing it. We know how to make a website experience that will get you ranked for relevant terms and     found on search engines. What will all of that do? Increase your exposure to the world and increase possible sales from the web. Want to learn more or request an SEO audit of your online artist portfolio website?