Should You Showcase at Beer Festivals?


How do you present your beer for public consumption?

Participating in Brew Fests will help you build your brand visibility. This is one way you can start raising your brewery’s profile, especially if it is small and you are just breaking into the market.  Brew Fests are a good place to take your product if you are making craft beers.

We will recommend events in which your brewery can participate. We will also work with you on building your brand image with your own unique merchandise.

There are a huge number of brew fests and beer festivals across the country. We’ll help you select the ones that will work best for your brewery, your products and your targets.

The Washington Brewers Guild organizes two beer festivals per year, the Winter Beer Festival and the Cask Beer Festival. This is a popular event. Proceeds go to support local brewers.

The Annual Oregon Brewers Festival will be held from July 26-30th this year. It’s been running for 30 years, and features around 80 independent craft beers. It is a popular event, with over 80,000 people attending. Last year’s event generated $23 million for the local economy.

Over 40 breweries participate in the annual Brewgrass Festival in Asheville North Carolina. The Brewgrass  Festival combines beer with music, featuring performances from well known bluegrass musicians.

The American Craft Beer Fest held in Boston, is another widely attended festival. It showcases over 640 beers from approximately 140 brewers. Beer lovers from around the country as well as from around the world visit this event, so it is worth checking out.

America On Tap has a list of Craft Beer Fests planned around the country, starting from March. If your brewery is aiming to build brand popularity we can help your brewery participate in these.

If your brewery is big enough you may prefer to organize your own brew fest every year to showcase your beer. Schell’s brewery has been organizing the Bockfest since 1987 in Cincinnati. This year’s event will be held from March 3-5. The Bockfest has gained popularity over the years, and has added several events. This year’s Bockfest will feature a parade, marathon, brewery tours, a ball, breakfasts and brunches.

Our event planning team will put together a proposal for your brew fest, create advertising and marketing campaigns to make it a success and help you get started.

America loves beer, both brewing it and tasting it. Americans love beer festivals. If you’re looking at taking your beer to market and increasing its sales, a brew fest is a great way to start. Participation in as many brew fests as possible, both in your area and around the country, will definitely get your brewery and your beer noticed.

Let’s get started with taking your brewery there.