Social Media For Your Brand

When you’re starting a new business or trying to revamp your current one, your brand’s online presence is the gateway to everything ‘you’.  This includes your overall branding, your website, and you social media – among other things.

Facebook is without a doubt, the highest trafficked website with actual potential for engagement and branding opportunities. I know, I know, twitter has comparable monthly users, and instagram is just as popular, but if you think about what you do when you first open up your phone… 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be Facebook.

A lot of people think, it’s just a matter of setting up a page, inviting my friends, and looking for relevant groups to become a part of, but its really not that simple. Being able to provide engaging content that will drive people to your website and look natural within the newsfeed is essential to a good social media strategy.  Facebook makes it extremely easy to target the right audiences through advertising and in turn, driving the right people back to your company Facebook page.

A cohesive strategy that spans Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ is going to help your search engine optimization, your overall brand, and how people connect with you.