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about reCreative + Co.

Portsmouth NH + York ME creative development company

Our History

reCreative, just like it’s namesake was brought to life in a damp, dark place – almost more horrifying that Frankenstein’s attic, we were formed in a dingy, 500 sq. ft basement in Long Island.

Born out of hope + art rather than necessity. We knew then as we do now, the world doesn’t need another creative agency, but the our industry certainly could use some more electricity.

In 2021, we also added reCreative Good to our roster. reCreative good is the ethical arm of reCreative + Co. It is where we explore alternative advertising and design that doesn’t prey on human data and emotion or the environment. The goal through this ethical arm is to create a more ethical, respectful, and equitable relationship between business and consumer.

Raman Kaur, Director of Development + Partner

Raman Kaur is the glue that holds this whole company together. Without her we would build legitimately nothing at all. Not only does she know how to answer each and every questions Raman is originally from India but now lives in Canada with her son, her husband, and her in-laws. She is a badass. Not only does she have her Bachelor’s of Engineering but she also has a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

She’s been working with us since the beginning of 2020, working her way up from Development lead to our Director of Development in one year, and we couldn’t be happier.

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Meg Raiano, Founder + Creative Director

Meg graduated in 2010 from C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Studies. Since her college days, Meg started working in advertising and has built reCreative + Co. from the ground up. Serving more than 100 clients worldwide, reCreative is blooming. Not only does reCreative focus on 501c3s, but Meg recently started a new initiative at the company focusing on sustainable business. The first clients brought on board for this sustainable arm are regenerative agriculture and aquaculture.  Meg spends her extra time reading, hiking with her three dogs, Willomena, Sebastien, and Elvis, and living in her semi-off grid tiny home in the woods of Maine.

John Clay
Account Manager

Jasbir ANu
Development Support

Muhammad Usman
Development Lead