reCreative + Co.

made of lightning*

*and other peoples’ body parts

just like any monster

reCreative-just like our namesake-was brought to life in a damp, dark place, almost more horrifying than Dr. Frankenstein’s attic. Formed out of years working in agency after agency, learning but seemingly never stepping outside of the box, in a dingy 500 sq. ft basement in Long Island, NY. (Oh the horror!)

Born out of curiosity + art rather than necessity, we knew then as we do now, the world doesn’t need another creative agency, but our industry certainly could use some more lightning. As Frank himself was created out of other peoples’ body parts, we help build businesses with the tools we’ve honed over the last decade or so and from the pieces we find work best.

Raman Kaur

Director of Development

Meg Raiano

Founder + Creative Director


Kaitlyn Chrisemer

Marketing Assistant