Xavier at Alexandria Technologies is working hard to find out…

Through her work with the Center for Humane Technology, our Managing Director, Meg, met many like-minded ethical technologists. Including the incomparable Xavier Hayeck.

Xavier is building Alexandria Technologies, a community developing social platform and online bookstore. This platform will help to build a more humane future for online interactions through ethically minded and sourced social media.

We worked with Xavier and Alexandria Technologies to help create their branding, logo options, website design, color palette, and are in the process of helping them create a framework for ethical crowdsourcing.

In our initial conversations with Xavier, we got to the crux of their brand ideals by focusing on the company’s namesake, the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. We carefully crafted two distinct logo options that both took the library’s design into consideration. Ultimately the chosen brand focuses on the lighthouse built on the library itself. Take a look at our logo options, and their chosen brand identity below.


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