It turns out, kelp is extremely sustainable (farming kelp requires no fertilizer, no pesticides, no fresh water and no soil) and just growing the stuff helps clean the ocean and reduces our carbon footprint by absorbing excess carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus from the ocean. Kelp farming improves the local marine environment by providing a habitat for marine organisms (think snails and fish), protecting the coastline from storms and waves, and deacidifying the marine environment (read: healthier shellfish). It also supports the local marine economy by allowing waterfront communities to economically diversify and supplementing incomes. AND, if you need another reason to love it, kelp is packed with nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. Call us nerdy, but we think that’s pretty cool – and so does Krista Rosen and Inga Potter of Cold Current Kelp.
Based out of reCreative’s hometown, York Maine, Cold Current Kelp is a regenerative aquaculture company, farming kelp to help our oceans, creating sustainable packaging with their products to help our land, and creating natural products to help the humans that live there. They are working with UNH to build their kelp farm off the seacoast of Portsmouth & New Castle, NH at the University of New Hampshire Judd Gregg Marine Research Center.
reCreative was stoked to help Krista and Inga with their Branding, Photography, and Website Design & Development. And Cold Current Kelp was even the first member of our ethical tech arm, reCreative Good, which is working to create a more virtuous and balanced relationship between business and consumer.
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