Compassionate Choice is Kate Thaisz’s company through which she offers her expertise in geriatric care management. Kate has been a client of ours since we first helped her design a website for Compassionate Choice back in 2021 and we love working with her. We’ve recently been able to help her update both her website and her branding to better reflect how her company has grown and changed over time. 

The old website for Compassionate Choice had broken many times since we first created it a few years back. Without any maintenance work throughout the years, the site was nearly unusable when we reconnected with Kate and started working on an updated version. We rebuilt the site so that it was functional again as we started designing and developing a whole new site for Kate that presented a happier vibe to add some positivity and fun to an otherwise stressful and overwhelming topic. 

We also created a new logo for Compassionate Choice. While we aimed to keep the overall coloring of the logo the same, we wanted to update it with the times a bit and make it feel a little more joyful. It was important to make sure purple was still the color of choice, because it is the color of Alzheimer’s and Kate’s grandfather had Alzheimer’s – an experience which led Kate to discover her passion for geriatric care. 

Working with Kate is always a pleasure and we’re so glad we’ve been able to work with her throughout the years as her company has grown.