Experiential Marketing

Winchester EconomicDevelopment Commission first came to reCreative more than a year ago for help increasing their visibility and to help bring businesses to the locale.

In the past, we helped create and execute events within the town. In addition, the EDC members took it upon themselves to visit each and every business within Winchester to be sure they were running smoothly, offer and help and guidance, and anything else they might need.

Since we could no longer hold our spring business event that we were planning for, we decided to go in a different direction. Many businesses throughout the US and the world are at a loss of what to do, so what could we do that would help our businesses, still give us the ability to engage with them, and still see them in real time? A virtual town hall featuring the town manager, mayor, and land use assistant as well as the entire Economic Development Commission.


According to MailChimp, typical email open rates are just over 21% while your average Click-Through-Rates are only 2.5%. Not only did we have an average open rate of 34%, we also had a click through rate of 11.3%. That’s an increase of more than 352%.