Experiential Marketing

Sweetwater Brewing Company has been brewing beers in the south since 1997. In addition to being one of the most popular breweries in their area, they also founded the 420 festival that happens every year on-site at the brewery and brings thousands of people to Atlanta for good tunes, good fun, and great brews.

For the Introduction of SweetWater Brewery’s distribution into Connecticut, they were looking to increase sales overall of the beer itself and awareness of the SweetWater brand, and we stepped up to the challenge.

Working with local company SamPoll to start the SweetWater Tasting Challenge, we created an experiential marketing campaign. reCreative staffed, educated, and participated in beer tasting events at liquor stores throughout Connecticut.


Three tips to boost sales & exposure at beer tastings

What’s the point in doing tastings at liquor stores, beer festivals and restaurants? For one, exposure. Getting your brand name out there and introducing people within your market to your beer is one of the major factors in longevity. Making your beer recognizable and delicious are the two things that are going to keep you in business. Also, people love free beer, and those tastings directly lead to increased on-site sales.

We here at reCreative + co., recently started providing tastings in partnership with Hartford Distributors Inc. and SamPoll App where we put together a sampling of the newest beer to hit shelves in Connecticut. The first selection? SweetWater Brewing Co. from Atlanta.

The main purpose of our tasting event is to get people in the Connecticut market to taste and love SweetWater enough to buy. The beer speaks for itself but in a new, extremely saturated market, how will they stand out? Below you’ll find three things you can do to make your brewery stand out at a tasting, festival or tap takeover. Some of these aren’t for everyone but you can bet your ass implementing one or a few will get you more sales, more interest and more long-term brewery visitors.

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Brooklyn Brewery has been a part of the New York beer scene for decades. Not only are they home grown and distributed to more than half the US they can also be found throughout countries worldwide.

For Brooklyn Brewery’s introduction of a few new styles, we followed the same protocol as we had with SweetWater. We set up tastings at liquor stores throughout Connecticut, and gave tastings of three Brooklyn Brewery staples – the (at the time) new Bel Air Sour, Summer Ale, and Naranjito.