The Wallingford Dram is a cozy, quaint craft cocktail bar located in Kittery Foreside. The Dram is owned and operated by the same lovely people who run Anju Noodle Bar, located in the same building and The Wilder, located in Portsmouth, NH. reCreative’s focuses for The Dram were a full photoshoot along with website and menu updates.

We wanted to take some updated photos of The Dram and their cocktails to use for their website and give them more content to post on social media. Even though seemingly everything went wrong on the night of our photoshoot (including staffing issues and a race against the sunset), we were still able to capture some awesome detail shots that showed off the bar’s quaint and cool feel as well as their delicious handcrafted and unique drinks.

For The Dram’s new website, we created an easy-to-navigate template to be used for all three sister companies (including Anju and The Wilder) and personalized the sites for each individual company. The shared template maintains the connection between all three brands while the customizations show their differences and keep their distinctions clear. We kept the new websites in their existing content management system for the sake of easy use on the owner’s part.

We chose a more elegant color palette and font for The Dram’s website to emulate the bar’s authentic old-world feel. We also added photos of the cocktails and the bar itself as well as relevant information — including a full menu — arranged to make the content more engaging.

The Dram’s existing menu design included three separate menus which we rearranged into one menu with visual distinctions between each section. The updated menus have an easier-to-read font with a better hierarchy to help focus customers. The menus are also now more compact to reduce paper waste and prevent the customer from feeling overwhelmed and confused by the multiple pieces of paper. Now, all the items — drinks, food, and canned cocktails — are located on a single piece of paper to increase not just the clarity of the menu, but also sales of the take-home canned cocktails and food items now that they’re all organized together in one easy-to-navigate menu.

We had a great time working with The Dram on these updates and are overjoyed to be located in the same building as our favorite bar in town!

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