The Wilder is the coolest modern gastropub, located in the heart of Portsmouth, NH. The Wilder is owned and operated by the same folks who run our neighbors, The Wallingford Dram and Anju Noodle Bar, located in the same building as our office in Kittery Foreside. For The Wilder, reCreative focused on photography, a website redesign, and poster and social media design.

We had the privilege of photographing The Wilder’s delectable full menu (including their cocktails). We were able to get a ton of great shots of their menu items, framed and lit to make their dishes look just as drool-worthy as they do in person. Plus, we got some great atmospheric shots of the pub’s interior, showing off the legendary 174 Fleet Street space that The Wilder calls home.

For The Wilder’s new website, we created an easy-to-navigate template to be used for all three sister companies (including The Dram and Anju) and personalized the sites for each individual company. The shared template maintains the connection between all three brands while the customizations show their differences and keep their distinctions clear. We kept the new websites in their existing content management system for the sake of easy use on the owner’s part.

We picked more modernistic fonts and colors for The Wilder to emulate the gastropub’s inventive, New England-based ambiance. We added photos of the bar, some of the interior seating area, and a few of their menu items to engage customers and bring them into the space and set the scene before they arrive.

We’ve been working with The Wilder on matching posters and social media images and animations for the past few months now and we love these fun, creative projects! Creating eye-catching media to help The Wilder’s events stand out is a great way for us at reCreative to channel our creativity, designing cohesive media in both digital and print.

We were so thrilled to work with The Wilder on these projects and look forward to continuing to collaborate on more cool posters and digital media for upcoming events they host in the future!