“True story…I died once.

Crossed over the rainbow bridge 25 years ago. A funeral service was scheduled, there were tears. But an angel called ‘Gramma’ brought me back to life with one flick of her finger. I owe that human my life” – A Turtle and His Dog

A Turtle and His Dog is a future children’s book series about an unlikely duo – Red the turtle who apparently gets a thrill from leaping out of windows and his dog sister, Buffy, who may or may not have helped! At the age of 30, Red is a surprisingly active turtle who gets into all sorts of trouble with his furry sister.
reCreative had the honor of managing branding for this entertaining book series featuring the red eared slider and his pointy-eared puppy, and we can’t wait to share their adventures with the world!
Check out our designs because, seriously, what’s cuter than a dog and turtle BFF?!