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Frank’s Origins

Made of lightning + the body parts of others

Once upon a time, in bustling NYC, a monster named Frankenstein was born. But Frankenstein was not like other people. They were made of lightning and the body parts of others, pieced together by mad scientists, Meg + Raman, with a vision for a better world. Frankenstein was determined to bridge the gap between business and consumer, to create a world where both could thrive. So, they left the city and journeyed to the Maine seaside, where Frank could work undisturbed. There, Frank spent countless hours toiling in their lab, experimenting with different methods to achieve their goals. Frank utilized their powers, channeling lightning to bring new technologies to life, and their unique physiology allowed them to work tirelessly without rest. As word of Frankenstein’s experiments spread, people from all over the world flocked to the oceanside to see the work for themselves. Frank welcomed them with open arms, eager to share their vision of a better world. With time, Frankenstein’s efforts bore fruit. The businesses that adopted their methods flourished, and consumers were pleased with the products they received. People from all walks of life came together to form a thriving community, where everyone had a voice and was treated equally. Frankenstein’s dream of a more equitable world had become a reality. They stood back, proud of what they had accomplished and grateful for the chance to make a difference. From that day forward, the legend lived on, inspiring others to strive for a better tomorrow.