[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Facebook’s announcement that they are moving away from previous methods of interaction and advertisement in favor of being more group oriented has some advertisers and marketers concerned over how to reach their audience. While you may be seeking a way to “outsmart” the new algorithm, why not try to work with it to create the “more meaningful interactions,” which is the motivating factor behind the change? This new method comes with opportunities to connect with your audience in a more authentic and genuine way.

Focus on Group Members

One of the more apparent opportunities is that by creating and interacting with a group, you already have gathered everyone interested in your product in one place! This gives you the opportunity to post more in depth content. Rather than having a general ad that might catch the attention of someone scrolling through their newsfeed, you have an audience that is ready to really engage with you. These are people that are part of the group because they are passionate about a particular subject and want more information rather than a cursory understanding. While there will be fewer users to see your post, those that do see it are a more targeted group that have a higher chance of being interested in your product.

Aim for Quality over Quantity in Posts

The new algorithm also helps to increase the sincerity of your interactions. As proposed by Facebook, content that garners active (commenting/sharing) versus passive (“liking”) interactions will appear more frequently in the newsfeed. In shaping your content to be more interactive, you are also creating information that has more of an impact on users. By taking the time to curate posts that are more memorable and less generic, you are giving your brand more substance and a greater likelihood that it will be remembered by the consumer.

Gather Information and Feedback

Additionally, making your posts targeted and interactive, you have the ability to gather more information about your audience. If you have to create more interactive posts, be sure to learn something from them. Ask your group what they are really looking for from your product or brand and then act on those answers. Facebook has created an environment for everyone that requires sincere interaction, so take it as an opportunity to improve what you are offering to your clients. Make sure you reply and acknowledge those who share and interact with your posts, furthering your authenticity.

Use Video and Go Live

Live videos get up to six times as many interactions as regular videos, so use this to your advantage. Live videos check all the boxes of direct content that both create the type of real interaction that Facebook is looking for and gives you real time feedback on what you are putting out there.

The new Facebook algorithm demands a higher quality of content from advertisers. Gone are the days of mindless Engagement Baiting from posts that create an interaction that is over almost before it began. You have a chance to interact with your potential customers in a new and genuine way, so create that post that requires more thought and finesse, because the time you put into quality posts will be rewarded with more exposure and business. Social media has already changed the landscape of advertising, this is just another step in the evolution of digital marketing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]