Many brands, specifically small businesses, struggle with finding enough content to post over long periods of time. Even if they can find something to post each day, the images are often inconsistent in style, lighting, and editing. This makes their brand’s visual presence seem inconsistent (and no one likes inconsistency). 

One of the best ways to solve this problem is brand photo shoots! A professional brand photographer can step in and get a boatload of amazing shots all in one session. This way, the brand has a TON of images to choose from when planning posts. A single shoot can capture hundreds of great pictures! 

The best part? Since they’re all taken by the same person on the same day within a couple short hours, all the images are shot in the same style and work together cohesively! 

reCreative has recently done a lot of photoshoots for restaurants, capturing their delicious food and drink offerings and making sure they look just as mouth-watering through the camera as in person. 

Normally, when we’re doing a photoshoot at a restaurant, they prepare and plate all the dishes they want photographed, and we go straight to work. We find spots that have good lighting and start setting up the shots! We move around, always scouting different areas of the restaurant for the perfect background. 

Sometimes we have to do a little climbing – something our Creative Director and photographer, Meg Raiano, never shies away from. 

Meg has an artistic vision, and she’s not afraid to do what she’s gotta do to get the perfect shot. 

Oftentimes, it’s not just the food and drinks that end up getting photographed, but also the physical setting itself. We want to capture the entire experience, a large part of which is the ambiance of the restaurant as a whole. 

These pictures are going to be used to help brands market themselves, so it’s beyond important that the images capture the feeling and message of the brand. That’s why it’s super important to make sure the photographer’s style inclinations align with how the brand wants to present itself to the world. 

After the shoot is done and we’ve gotten a crazy amount of shots, we upload them to our computer so we can look through them. Scanning them at first, we look for pictures that catch our eye and draw our attention, demanding to be seen. These are the most obvious wins, but there are also some pictures whose genius may be hiding…

Some pictures need a little help to reach their full potential, so we flag them and edit them to perfection later. Whether they just need to be brightened up or cropped, or they need to be combined with another picture for optimal aesthetics, we take care of it. 

After all the selecting and editing is done, all that’s left is to share the images with the brand!

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