Compassionate Choice is Kate Thaisz’s company through which she offers her expertise in geriatric care management. We first worked with Kate in 2021 when she started her business and came to us for help making her first website. Since then, the website hasn’t been getting the tlc it needs.

When we recently reconnected with Kate, her website had been broken so many times it was essentially rendered unusable. 

We were able to fix her existing site so that it was functional while we designed and started development on a brand new website that looks a little more cheerful and hopefully brings some happiness to an otherwise very stressful topic.

We also created a new logo for Compassionate Choice, updating that to make it more modern and joyful as well. We kept the overall coloring of the logo as a nod to Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is the reason why Kate got into geriatric care in the first place, and purple is the color or Alzherimer’s.

It means a lot to us that Kate has been with us for so long. Many of our clients end up staying with us for long periods of time, reaching out to us for help with various projects over multiple years. We couldn’t be happier that so many of our clients trust us and like our work enough to stay with us for so long. We love helping companies grow and seeing their evolution as we grow alongside them.

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