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Email Mktg, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media, Oh MY!

Starting with two blogs and corresponding social posts on LinkedIn and Facebook along with monthly newsletters, we’re creating a good base for consistency to see how the company’s visibility increases over time. We look forward to continuing to work with Lauren Rose Senior Advisors and adjusting out strategies as the company grows!

a new website for an old friend

We focused on updating the website’s functionality and changing the color palette to be more fun and evocative of Hawaii. Flow Kakou is a creative, joyful company that’s welcoming to all and we wanted their website to reflect these core elements. We also wanted to highlight their various programs and projects prominently so people can […]

The Impact of Color Psychology in Advertising

Sometimes the feelings various colors can trigger in people aren’t immediately clear or even conscious, but they can seriously impact how people perceive brands and how compelled they feel to buy a product. Regardless of how subconscious these mechanisms are, a whole lot of research has been done to determine which colors are best for […]

Get More Sales with Email Marketing

With an interesting subject line, some persuasive and personalized copy, and a few strong direct calls to action, you can make sure your customers know you’re thinking of them and haven’t forgotten about their business – because no one likes being forgotten. Email users get hundreds of emails a day, and they generally only open […]

2024 Graphic Design Trends We Can Get Behind

In this digital age, there’s so much exposure to graphic design. Combining your distinct design style with the hot trends of the time can lead to funky, cool designs you would’ve never thought you’d make. As artists, we always want to keep growing and experimenting; integrating some trendy elements into our designs is a great, […]