Every designer can create a logo for any company or brand. So what makes clients drawn to certain logo designs or designers over others? Each designer has their own individual style and taste in what they like to create. Sometimes, you can even tell who designed a logo just by looking at it. 

These specific styles are certainly not a thing of the past, but they’re now fighting against the increasing popularity of design trends. With social media in the spotlight of so many lives, we can consume more media and see more designs than ever before. 

If you’ve noticed a lot of similar logo designs from a lot of once super unique designers, logo design trends are likely the driving force. Now, we’re not saying design trends are bad; they’re popular for a reason. We’re not above logo design trends. We think it’s super important to keep up with what’s popular and on the rise, even if you decide against implementing it in your own designs. Following trends can help your designs feel current and modern, but we still think your best bet is to add a little something extra that makes it stand out.

Without that little something extra, your design could feel too generic and temporary. Think of that cute, trendy top you saw last week. It’s really cute. You like it a lot, but you didn’t buy it and bring it home because you know that it will be out of fashion in just a couple months.

It’s important to balance the traditional and the trendy to create something that feels fresh and new while also not seeming like a fleeting design that will have to be reworked in a year. 

We think it’s important to keep that something special that makes your designs feel unique to you and uniquely like the brand you’re designing for. We at reCreative tend to stay away from trends in logo design because we’re focused on creating lasting brands by following the client’s preferences and brand voice rather than what everyone else is doing. 

The most important thing for us is that our client loves the logo design when we first show them and still love it years down the line. Logos are a lot more permanent for companies than any other media. 

Logos are also one of the most important features for brand recognition and awareness. If you see a swooping checkmark on the side of someone’s sneaker, you don’t have to wonder which company made their shoes; you just know. 

When designing a logo, you should always be thinking about how it will hold up years later. Relying on trends too heavily can shorten your logo design’s lifespan and prevent it from representing the brand as well as possible. We design logos that can last a lifetime even as a company grows and evolves.

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