Flow Kakou is a Hawaii based non-profit organization focused on the arts and culture. Their mission is to help foster culture by inspiring self-awareness among community members using movement-based activities. We’ve been working with Flow Kakou since they started in 2017, this being the third site we’ve designed and developed for them. (We think this is the best one yet, although we probably always think that.)

We focused on updating the website’s functionality and changing the color palette to be more fun and evocative of Hawaii. Flow Kakou is a creative, joyful company that’s welcoming to all and we wanted their website to reflect these core elements. We also wanted to highlight their various programs and projects prominently so people can easily learn all about their offerings. 

With this new and improved site, Flow Kakou hopes to keep preserving the art of play and provide high quality programs to their community through the donations that keep them going. If you’re interested in learning more about Flow Kakou and all the aspects of reCreative’s long-lasting collaboration with them, check out our project page for Flow Kakou!

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