Slack Tide Maine is a flake sea salt company based out of York, Maine that hand harvests and prepares every batch of their delicious salt. They came to us for help creating a new website that looked more unique, felt more like theirs, and encouraged more sales. 

Previously, Slack Tide’s website was a very basic looking Shopify site that the owners had made themselves with the help of a prebuilt template. With this redesign, they were looking to move away from that basic, “could be anyone” site and stand out more amongst the crowd. 

Bringing in us for some help with the site’s vibrancy and individuality, here’s how we thought up the perfect new design for Slack Tide.

We made a lot of stylistic choices in our new design to help make the site more tailored to Slack Tide. We used some color psychology to help us choose a new color palette, keeping pink and blue as the main colors but changing the hues and adding pops of green to make it feel more distinct. Keeping the blue was super important for Slack Tide because blue makes people think of exactly what we want them to when they’re thinking of these salts: the ocean. 

We also wanted to change the main fonts on the site and add details to the background to make the site easier on the eyes as you’re scrolling through. While we wanted to make the site more uniquely Slack Tide, another goal was to make it easier for customers to browse and buy products directly from the website.

The previous navigation was a little too cluttered and didn’t push sales as much as it focused on general information and awareness about the company. We reordered the top navigation bar to make it feel more organized and less cluttered while also rearranging the homepage to put the focus more on sales. 

We added calls-to-action throughout the site to help guide users onto specific sales driven paths built into the website while also letting them get to know what Slack Tide is, who’s behind the company, and why people should support them. 

As Shpoify partners, we love building conversion based websites for our ecommerce friends and clients! We love how this site for Slack Tide turned out and are so pleased we had the opportunity to work with such a cool company!

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