The Islander Cafe is one of the most charming cafes located in the cute coastal town of New Castle, NH. We recently had the opportunity to revamp their website with a brand new custom design & development.

Working with Deb & Michael at The Islander, we determined what was most important to them, what needed to be featured prominently, and what they wanted to tell the world about their cafe. A focus on their cozy seacoast theme is emphasized in their new site through the custom color palette, the artistic details, and the drool-worthy photography. One of the most important aspects? Keeping the website easy to use for both Deb and their patrons! Their original website was built in WordPress, so for ease of use for Deb & Michael, we used the same platform and custom built the website around our design.

Another major factor would be The Islander’s menu. They wanted to carry their menu through from the old website, where it was displayed loud and proud above the fold. How could we do that without it being the ONLY focal point? We added a Call-To-Action that follows you throughout the website and features a PDF of the menu, of course!

We’re so grateful we had the opportunity to work on this project and to continue working with the owners of The Islander on more projects for their other cafe, Lil’s, located just downstairs from our office!

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