A few years back we designed these cans for our friends at Cold Creek Brewery – so… why are we sharing them with you now?

  • The brewing design was created to be used on ALL of their beer. Each beer was named after a woman so the cameo theme could follow throughout.
  • Each can had a surprise hidden in the label – a halo of hops around the cameo secretly indicated if it would be blow your hair back hoppy or light and refreshing.
  • We won our first ever Advertising Club of Connecticut award for this package design series.
  • We like them.
  • These cans were ahead of the times -CODO Design named “Bright White & Minimal” a 2020 Craft Beer Branding Trend during the Craft Brewers Conference this past May.

This was one of our favorite projects that year – not only was the project fun, but the beer is great and the people at Cold Creek Brewery are amazing. Although they’ve moved away from the brewery itself, you can still get their beer at their brew pub, Cold Creek Tavern