Are you sprucing up your business? Whether you’re redesigning your website, launching an app, optimizing your search engine presence, or rebranding all together, there are lots of subtle and easy changes that can make all the difference. Unfortunately, there’s one element that many companies choose to forego, and that’s photography. Too often smaller companies make the mistake of viewing professional photography as expendable when it comes to their business, choosing to use things like stock photos, graphics or even their own photos to promote their brand. While this is okay in some capacity, having no professional photos on your website and marketing materials is a big mistake.

When a new customer clicks on your website or logs into your app, what visuals are they greeted with? No matter the content or how good your product/service is, your clients will make snap judgements based on what they see immediately upon entering your space. Those images will make a lasting first impression and directly impacts how the customer sees you. If you’re meeting an important customer for a meeting, you dress your best, right? It’s no different when it comes to websites, advertisements and apps. You’ve got to be your best-dressed, ready to face that important client looking like a million bucks. That’s why you need a spiffy professional photograph – show that client that you are polished, experienced, and willing to go the extra mile.

This applies to all industries. If you’re a caterer, you need mouth-watering professional food photographs to entice your customers and get their mouths watering. IF you’re an interior designer or carpenter, professional shots of the interiors and exteriors that you’ve designed is crucial. If you’re an advocate advertising your professional services, a professional-yet-inviting portrait is just the right touch. For an animal shelter, adorable high-res shots of your precious fur babies are essential for those potential adoptees perusing your site! The list goes on and on – no matter your business, having professional, polished photographs are how the customer sees you, and gets to know your business.

Professional photography is a great investment that will last for years. At the end of the session, you’re left with a series of fantastic photographs that you can use time and again in any variety of mediums, from social media to marketing materials like business cards and pamphlets, to your website and apps, signage for your storefront, print advertisements, and more. For a one time investment, you’ll get your money’s worth and then some for years to come.

At reCreative + Co., our team of professional photographers will provide you with high-quality, gorgeous photographs suited to your business, so you can start your business off on the right foot. See what an amazing visual can do for your growing company. Give us a call at 860.294.4194 or click here to schedule your free audit with us today.