2018 was an amazing year for reCreative. We started out the year by getting a ton of new, fantastic clients that we got to spend the year with, helping to make our businesses better together including a number of non-profits. Most notably for one non-profit, Dog Star Rescue, we created a remarketing program to drive people back to their website who had been there before but hadn’t applied for adoption. Through that remarketing program with Dog Star, we’ve gotten the rescue more than 200 people to come back to the website and fill out the adoption form for less than $2/application. That. Is. Amazing. And lets face it, the pups don’t need any help getting people back to the site, we’re just happy to help.

2018 saw our first batch of award-winning projects, our wins at the 2018 Connecticut Ad Club awards for photography and package design. When reCreative was founded, our idea was to start with breweries, we loved the beer culture and all that entailed. Our very first client ever was Brewery Legitimus, a brewery near and dear to our hearts and our office. In the early spring we made our way back over to the brewery to photograph them for their website, social media, and anywhere else they might need visual assets. Those photos then went on to win in the Original Photography category at the 63rd Annual Connecticut Ad Club Awards. In addition to photographing Brewery Legitimus last year, we also created some (if I do say so myself) awesome beer labels for our good friends over at Cold Creek Brewery. The brewery was looking for labels that could be used on all of their beers so we created a cameo label (because their beers are named after women), with varying levels of hops in the halo surrounding the design. It was simple, elegant, and everything that Cold Creek was looking for. Those very labels won us another award for Package Design Series at the Ad Club Awards. Our first big wins as a small, and relatively new company.

We also opened up an office space in Winsted, CT. The office itself was created so our employees could have somewhere to come and collaborate but it has turned into so much more than that. Our Managing Director, Meg Raiano, really wanted to immerse the company in the town, not knowing much about Winsted herself, so she immediately looked for opportunities to become more engrained in the community. And what did she find? An amazing opportunity to become part-owner in the new food Co-Op, Mad River Market which now shares a home in their office building, Mad River Lofts.

In the coming year, reCreative will also be hosting a series of professional talks in the Mad River Lofts building, including talks on breweries, women in business, photography, and many other items reCreative is passionate about. We’re also going to be focusing more on the creative side of things, photography & design, our strongest suits.

We’re looking forward to all that 2019 has to offer, and can’t wait to see what happens next!