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Last week when we announced our new branding + website, we also said there were a few more surprises up our sleeves…

We are excited to announce that we’ll be having more Mind & Body events over the next few weeks! The format might be a little different but the content will be the same – join us for new recipes, talks, and workshops/classes.

Want to check out some of the content from the first two weeks of Mind & Body (waaaaaaay back in May!) you can check them out on our IGTV page. Learn bachata with Andrea Ude of LFX Dancers, floor barre with Elizabeth Trimm Wiesmann, yoga with Dandelion & Thyme, Meeting movement with Matt Del Rosario of Flow Kakou Inc, talk about stress tips during COVID with Meg Alexander of mybesthealthyself and Our Company Culture, check out teaching dance during COVID with Kelly Maccioli from Absolute Dance School or learn how to make Aesha Patel’s AeshaCooks signature cocktail – pomegranate mojitos!

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