ReCreative + Co recently helped sister companies The Wallingford Dram, The Wilder, and Anju create their new and improved websites! While the owners wanted to maintain a consistent identity throughout the companies to emphasize their connection, it was important to differentiate the brands individually as well. The existing websites were created using Squarespace, so we built them in the existing platform rather than moving them to our go-to CMS, WordPress.

We were able to create a template that we individualized with new color palettes, custom photography, and different fonts for each brand. While the layout of each website is the same, the content found within sends visual cues that these brands are distinct and have their own awesome vibes. With Anju, we chose fun colors and fonts to show its casual and lively nature. For The Dram, we selected a more elegant font and color palette to compliment its old-world atmosphere. The Wilder uses modernistic fonts and colors to emphasize the sophisticated and inventive ambiance it offers.

Working with these companies was a great experience and we’re thrilled to be located so close to such awesome companies! Since each company serves a different purpose, it’s easy to find a reason to support these owners no matter what you’re looking for.

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