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Stress Relief Through Movement

This year has been pretty challenging for everyone. We started the year out not knowing what was coming, but soon thereafter the world all but shut down.

At the same time the world seemed to be shutting down, reCreative was ramping up our work with the majority of our clients. We work with many non-profits, as well as a number of senior living facilities. These senior communities were hit particularly hard by the pandemic and needed a little extra help during that time.

Everyone seemed to be getting burned out, and quickly. We decided that although there wasn’t much we could do to help – we were certainly going to try!

Beginning in May we launched reCreative Mind & Body, a daily Instagram Live conversation with health & wellness professionals. We started with general business discussions, how the pandemic effected business, and quickly moved to what we could do about it. We began having movement & dance classes, cooking classes, stress relief classes and more.

After the first two weeks we had a viewership of a few hundred people. The overall goal was to help people who might need a bit of an escape for an hour or two each day and potentially help them learn techniques to deal with their stress.

Almost six months later we didn’t think we’d still be in the same position, but unfortunately we are, the majority of us are still working from home with the pressures of childcare, schooling, and more laid on top of millions of Americans being out of work, overworked, or just generally stressed out.

Because of all of this, we decided that now would be a good time to bring back our Mind & Body program.

On September 1, 2020 we restarted the program with a conversation with Caryn Cooper, Founder of Dance to Wellness. She presented “Stress Relief Through Movement”-a few steps you could do to check in with your own mind and body to be sure you release tension and hopefully release some stress.

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Thank you all those who joined us live for ReCreative’s Mind & Body with Caryn Cooper of @dance2wellness

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