Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday reCreative! Yeah, you know the rest.

March 2024 marks reCreative + Co’s 9th birthday! We’re so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this company’s journey and can’t thank you all enough!

Starting out with only a handful of breweries and senior living clients (yes, we know… odd combination), we’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to grow and expand into who we are today. We wanted to use this special occasion to think about all the amazing things we’ve accomplished in the past nine years, and envision what the future may hold for us.

With humble beginnings as a one-person design shop on the Long Island Railroad – you read that right – Meg got her first clients while commuting to work in NYC every day. Including a very popular lacrosse clothing company, a stylist, and a lawyer. I guess chatting with the same folks  on the train is the best form of marketing there is. Flash forward to now, we’ve worked with hundreds of happy clients throughout the US, Barbados, Denmark, and Canada!

We’ve got so much to be grateful for looking back. We’ve done some pretty outside-the-box projects too, like providing beer tastings for our friends at Sweetwater Brewing and Brooklyn Brewery, taste testing Love The Dog treats with our in-office barketing officer, Willomena, or creating wallpaper designs for our new friends at Treeline Outfitters in Portsmouth. It’s been a wild ride, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Working with so many different companies in so many different fields has allowed us to keep flexing our creative muscles, recreating over and over again (just how we like it). All the special projects we’ve done with our clients have kept us loving what we do, reminding us why we love our job over and over again.

With the company moving states a few years back, we weren’t sure what the future of reCreative would look like. The outcome was better than we could’ve ever imagined! Moving into Wallingford Square in Kittery Foreside has been like a dream! Working with the other businesses in the building and putting down roots since our move has been so exciting and we couldn’t be happier. We can’t wait to keep growing in our new location and embrace the Maine-iac lifestyle.

Although we’re looking forward to working with more cool, local small business in the area, we can never forget our deep history with our lovely senior care clients! We want to keep expanding in all ways, through every branch, including for ourselves and our own brand. Gotta keep that creative spark alive!

More designs, more websites, more photography, more logos, more labels; we want it all, so keep it coming! With nine years down, we’re looking forward to the next nine to come (and forever after that). All we have left to say about Year Ten is: bring it!

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